Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How Can You Engage in Honoring Your Partner? Speak Their Love Language

Mr Bohlen wrote his Christmas list and the only thing on it was tickets to go see his Alma Mater the Fighting Illini take on Baylor at the Texas Bowl here in Houston. The stars had completely aligned for him. His beloved football team would be playing in a BCS Bowl game in Houston. He was so excited he got online well before Christmas and ordered the whole family new gear to sport to the game. Our daughter am Illinois cheer uniform. My son sports a new basketball shirt. Mr Bohlen stayed true to his Orange and Blue. Being the ever good listener that he is, ordered a pink t shirt for me with the ILLINOIS printed in black and white zebra stripes for me. All the items appeared by way of the UPS fairy long before ever knowing that I had indeed gifted him with the tickets.

So Christmas had come and gone. The presents unwrapped. Tickets claimed. A feast was devoured and we went merrily along our way...but somehow it just did not feel like even though I had given Mr Bohlen exactly what he wanted....the tickets, that I felt like I had really given him something. Anyone can jump online and few clicks later...ta da. There they were. Plus he knew I would not let him down.

So that rolling through my mind and a sick child to rest up and a healthy child to entertain, it dawned on me that I could do more.....

Mr Bohlen's love language is Sports....he loves them....all of them...all of the time. Over the years I have grown quite fond myself, but not with the same bravado. It dawned on me that by honoring his true love and passion and do more than just show up for the game in my zebra shirt that I could truly speak his love language; to engage my kids in the process would mean even more. So off to my craft room I went.

Supplies in hand my son and I set forth on making the best Root for Your Team sign we could muster. Mr Bohlen walks by with a smile. But by the time the ill child suddenly feels better and joins in the fun the excitement is brewing. With each pass of our sign Mr Bohlen feels like the whole family is engaged in the real spirit of his love of the game and he feels connected....we had spoken his love language...

So much of Holiday Break is focused on entertaining our children, friends and relatives which is fantastic. But could you use that time as an opportunity through activity to speak your partner's love language and honor their passion?

Maybe you won't be headed to the big game, but the big game will be watched in your living room. Make your own signs for home. Host a family pre-game tailgate, or blanket top party with great snacks. Dress in his team's colors. Does he speak a different language?

Maybe cooking is his language...have the kids decorate your dining room as their restaurant. Make menus and take family reservations. You get the idea!

Share your comments of how you spoke your spouses love language....and we will see you after the game!

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