Friday, February 25, 2011

St Patrick's Day Fun!


I think that creating traditions in your home is a great way to enhance the connectivity and balance in your family especially when you are trying to juggle the fine line of work/life balance. Days seem to fade into weeks and time flies by.

Decorating for holidays is a great way to start. Many of us decorate for the major holidays, but there are some fun ones in between. This year since there is such a gap between Valentine's Day and Easter, I decided to take on a little St Patrick's Day fun to pay homage to my Celtic heritage.

So, start small. pick one room that is seen and enjoyed. For my house that is my formal dining room. This room is visible from the street throught he window and is the first room that you see in my home when you enter along with my husbands office. They say your home makes a statement about your life. What do I want my home to say about the Bohlens.

Well if you look in Mr. Bohlen's office it is very obvious that we enjoy sports and the outdoors and that he works, very, very hard. If you look to our dining room you see our St. Patricks Day setting. It says this is a family that celebrates life's forgotten moments, that knows how to have fun, has a sense of tradition and whimsy....what are you doing to celebrate St Patricks? What traditions do you mark with your family? What does your house say about you?

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