Saturday, April 9, 2011

Turn Your Scrapbook Pages into Wearable Art!!!

Good Afternoon! I am very blessed to be the mother of a beautiful daughter and wonderful son. It is easy to say that my kids are my world. With that blessing comes the challenge of raising two very different individuals and making their activities a family affair that everyone enjoys...

My son is the ultimate athlete. He loves all sports and baseball is his passion...We play baseball three days a week, 9 to 10 months out of the year and we are all involved. Mr. Bohlen, after a couple of seasons as Assistant Coach is now the Head Coach of our team. I am a busy dugout mom. This is how I spend so many of my days...

That being said, my daughter is the consumate girly girl. The princess. I have no idea where she gets She dutifully, without ever complaining accompanies us to many nights of baseball...(don't feel sorry for her. She has a very full dance card of her own.) From the day she was born she was always happy to be wherever her brother was. She is his number one fan!
Being the fashionista that she is...she pointed out that we all had shirts for our team. Will had a Coaches jersey, I had a team t-shirt as the team mom. She wanted to have a Go Keaton shirt. This got my wheels turning....

Since I created the team's banner with a digital scrapbook page of the boys, blew it up at the local printer and laminated it and it worked out really well, why couldn't I do the same with a t-shirt????

So I got online and using a template from a local designer called Binty's Baseball Kit, I found my favorite pictures of Keaton playing baseball and added some beautiful pink paper and the message that she wanted to share with the world on her shirt on a 12x12 digital scrapbook page.

If you are a paper scrapper, you can scan the page you would like to use into a PDF or JPEG and create a digital image to use for your shirt. If you do not have a scanner that will scan 12x12, you local Office Max will scan it for you for about $1.00.

Then I went to my local Michaels and picked up Wilton's Photo Transfer Sheets for an Inkjet printer. It is important to know what your shirt you are going to use so that you can determine if you need to purchase a dark or light colored transfer.

Load your transfer paper into your printer with the dark blue line facing the proper direction. I then reduced my image to an 8x8 size of choose Fit to Paper in the printing menu so that your image fits on one sheet. For light colored shirts you need to click the Print in Reverse option on your print screen.

Heat your iron to the Cotton Setting without steam and place your shirt on a hard surface to iron. Do not use an ironing board. Peel the design from the backing paper and place the design on your shirt. Place the enclosed parchment paper between the iron and your design and place your iron on your desing and hold for 20 seconds on each section to adhere the design to your shirt.

Now, being that my little fashionista loves her clothes to sparkle as bright as her personality, I decided to girly it up by adding some bling...

So I was able to pick up a Rhinestone Heater setter for $12.00 and some lovely red and clear rhinestones and I embellished the frames of the photos on my page for dimension and gave it some sparkle.

This was a very simple process and I am excited by all of the endless possibilities for this tool. Simply pick the right size of tip for your tool depending on the size of your rhinestone. Let it heat up for 10 minutes and begin your application.

Using the enclosed tweezers I place each rhinestone where I wanted it on my design and then placed the heat tool gently on the stone to set it.

It took me about 30 to 45 minutes to adhere all 200 stones to the shirt. But in the end she was beyond happy with the final product.

And she found her perfect role on our team the first day she wore it...Ball Girl. Everyone loved watcheing her run across the field in her shirt to collect the bats after the boys hit.

I can only imagine the possibilties for reunions, class trips, Girl Scouts....You can do it too!


  1. i never thought about doing this how creative

  2. What a good momma you are, you made her feel so special----I just know it. Thanks for showing us how you did it!

    Cha Cha

  3. So cute! What wonderful instructions, too.