Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bottle Cap Jewelry...Hot Trend in Girls Fashion=Sleepover Fun!

Meet the Girls...Lizzy, my daughter Payton and her puppy, Chloe. These angels were such a delight to sit down and make Bottle Cap Jewelry with. Their eyes lit up as I pulled out the earing clips and wires. They gasped as they saw pretty papers and charms and gems that I had stored. They dug in to the key chans and necklaces. These 7 year old darlings sat for two hours and happily worked on their creations.

Making them is so simple! I found all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby and Micheals who each have their jewelry items on sale for 50-60% right now. We made earrings for about $.30. That is a deal for such great sleepover entertainment. Here is how they are made:

Bottle Caps (Hobby Lobby had predrilled with jump rings attached)
Magic Glos, Diamond Glaze or Modge Podge Multi Dimensional (I used Magic Gloss)
Pretty Scrap Paper
White Glue
Fun items, charms, beads etc.
1in punch (not neccessary as bottle caps come with template, but nice as it cuts clean)
Supplies to finish.


Cut the pretty paper of your choice to fit the inside of your bottle cap.
Glue the paper to the bottom of the cap using white glue
Add gems, charms, beads to your liking inside the cap. Don't worry about gluing them we will get there.
Once your design is set fill the cap with Magic Gloss. Once the Magic gloss sets into a resin, you design will be captured.
Let dry and finish with earings, necklace chain, ribbon or magnets....

Such great fun!


  1. really unique and creative!

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  2. So cute! And that's girls for you--sitting still for two hours to do a craft!