Thursday, January 6, 2011

Owl Always Love You...The Cutest Valentine Decor and a Freebie

I cannot wait to hang this fresh and sweet print in my home. I found this on It's a Crafty Life. Click on the link to get your copy.

She was inspired by a Beatles song. But the quote she used originated from a love letter sent from Robert Browning to Elizabeth Barrett Browning. My parents had a stained glass version of the quote for years. Don't you just love the idea of love letters?

I may print it and attach a love letter of my own to my betrothed. How romantic. But in terms of decor the sweet owls in this print are totally on trend and will make a statement no matter where you choose to place them.

We decorate to celebrate so many occasions. How often to we really openly celebrate one of life's greatest In the age of throw away relationships. What would it mean to our children to make Valentine's Day not a Hallmark Holiday, but one of a true homespun celebration of our love for one another....

How will you celebrate your love this season. Post a comment and share your ideas...

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  1. I love this idea. A celebration of our love for one another. So many days just slip by without our telling each other of our love. I read one time that everyday of Billy Graham's life, before he went to bed he told Ruth Graham, his wife, "I love you." And if possible kissed her. So this Valentine's Day will be a day of love for me. Not flowers and candy, but a true expression of love for those in my life.