Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just One Pound...A Fresh Approach to the Same Resolution...

This was a gift given to me by one of the most inspiring women I high school glory days friend, Christine Adams. A couple of years ago she decided it was time...time to make a change for health. She included exercise, joined Weight Watchers and surrounded herself with a great community of supporters.

Christine Before and After

Today, She looks amazing...but the amazing transformation didn't just come in the physical health benefits that her quest brought her, but her spirit was transformed. She went on to inspire people all over the world through her commitment, her Facebook page and everywhere she went to make a change for themselves. She is truly an inspiration to many including myself, even today.

Christine went from walking down the block to a Marathon Maniac, completing 10+ full marathons last year. She is amazing and gave me advice on how to get on my journey to completing a couple of 5k's of my own last year. This year I resolve to lose and average of a pound a week, finish one 5k a month and log 10,000 steps a day on my pedometer.

What are your goals in regards to health and fitness this year. Is it the same old "Lose Weight" that we add to the list every year? In my career, I have moments to advise about strategic planning and setting goals. "Your goals must be SMART...Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely..."  I would coach. Last year was the first year I really applied this to what I wanted to accomplish in my own areas that I had created 2010 Resolutions....and come July, it dawned on me if I did not start running, I was not going to make my goal of completing the 5k... Since I got myself on track, I was able to complete a couple of 5k's. What are your goals this year? Are they SMART?

In true, Christine style, she sent this Just One Pound.... it is SMART....It inspired me....It is included below....

If You Lost just 1 Lb. Each Week of 2011

By Valentine’s Day
You’d be 7 lbs. lighter and loving it!

By St. Patrick’s Day
You’d be 11 lbs. lighter. With the luck-o-the-Irish You’ll make my goal.

By Easter
You’d be 16 lbs. lighter. You’d be a cuter bunny.

By Memorial Day
You’d be 23 lbs. lighter. You won’t let it rain on your parade.

By Flag Day
You’d be 25 lbs. lighter.

By Independence Day
You’d be 27 lbs. lighter. That’s a neat Declaration of Independence from overeating!

By Labor Day
You’d be 36 lbs. lighter. What a wonderful reward for all your hard work.

By Columbus Day
You’d be 41 lbs. lighter. What a joy to discover what you can do.

By Halloween
You’d be 44 lbs. lighter. You'd didn’t think you had a ghost of a chance.

By Thanksgiving
You’d be 47 lbs. lighter. You’d have so much to be thankful for.

By Christmas Eve
You’d be 51 lbs. lighter. Talk about being merry!

By New Year’s Eve
You’d be 52 lbs. lighter. It’s not just a new year, it’s a new You!



  1. Awww girl u are soo very sweet. Thank You so much for doing this. I love to give back I gain energy from those around me. Creating a network of support really is the key. <3